Welcome to my blog

by ainsleyyoung

You’ve found my blog. This post is where I’ll be doing my little bit about myself and how I became a journalist.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a bookworm and a word-nerd. All through my entire schooling career, my highest grades were in English.

When I first came to the University of Utah in the fall of 2011, fresh out of high school and ready to begin “real life,” I declared a computer science major before the semester had even started. I was dead set on going through the “Entertainment Arts & Engineering” program and going into the world of game design. However, through a strange twist of fate, I landed a job as the team writer for the hockey club, the Skatin’ Utes.

It wasn’t until my second semester here that I had decided that while I love creative problem solving and writing computer code, journalism was my true passion. It was then that I decided to change my major and set my sights on a career in sports journalism.

I soon landed a job at the campus newspaper, called The Daily Utah Chronicle. From there, my writing improved exponentially, and it continues to improve at a rapid rate. This is the first time in my life that I’ve been paid to do something that I love to do. It doesn’t even feel like a job. Even though my dream job is to become the Boston Bruins beat writer for NESN or even the NHL’s official news, I’ve realized that I would be just as happy with a news writing job at a prominent newspaper.

Currently, I’m finishing up my freshman year here at the U. I’ve decided to try to double major in Linguistics along with Mass Communication with a Journalism emphasis. I’m still incredibly content with my job at the Chrony and I’m loving every minute of my life as a journalist.